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How To Enjoy 'Slow Mornings' Whilst on Maternity Leave

for first time Momma's before baby arrives

17th June 2024

By Shelley | The Serene Soul Society

I'm writing this whilst currently on Maternity Leave so of course I felt inspired to share my thoughts as I'm really enjoying this beautiful time before baby boy arrives.

I feel so grateful to have this time to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures before I enter this next phase of my life, the currently unknown world of Motherhood!

Slow living is part of my soul & although there are huge changes coming to my lifestyle, I get to choose how I adapt it to fit into our new family life.

Just as setting boundaries has been a huge thing for me over the last few years, I am also allowed to set boundaries as a mother.

Children may not make things easier but for me, this is about approaching motherhood intentionally - with purpose, freedom, love, conviction and fun.

But taking a step back for a moment into this maternity bubble pre baby, here are 5 ways you can enjoy starting your day with a slow living approach.

  1. Morning Movement

Choose whatever movement feels good to you. Movement that brings you joy, makes you feel good, whether that be gentle stretches on your bedroom floor, on the sofa or in your garden on a sunny morning.

For me, I love starting my day with a walk in nature. There's something about solo walks that allows me to connect to the small but beautiful things around me. With my earphones in, I go into full slow living mode, using my senses and feeling into the emotions that follow - gratitude, love and appreciation for what my body does for me, the wonders of nature and being present in the here and now.

2. Mindful Breakfast

This is something that's so easy to do on autopilot, but I've really been enjoying making breakfast a more intentional act. Sitting at the breakfast bar by fresh flowers or sitting in the garden whilst eating my breakfast and sipping on my coffee.

This is an everyday thing that you can choose to romanticise, especially whilst on Maternity leave as you'll have more time to make this a ritual to savour - picture cooking a breakfast you wouldn't normally get to enjoy, with your favourite playlist on in the background. Listening to birdsong whilst sipping on your morning drink or simply just enjoying some peace and quiet whilst you eat.

coffee and croissant, morning breakfast set up
A coffee & a croissant to start the day always makes me happy

3. Connect with your Body

Take a moment to look at your beautiful body in the mirror. Admire all it is doing for you, your baby and the miracle it holds within.

Again, it is something we can so easily overlook but when you slow down and take a minute to really admire your body, immerse yourself in the emotions that flow - gratitude for the things your body is working hard to do every day, the fact it is your baby's home and how it's carrying both you and your little one.

You are amazing and this journey you are on is an incredible one. Give yourself the credit you deserve.

4. Switch off from Technology

It can be so easy to spend your days of maternity leave on the sofa, scrolling your phone. Consuming other people's content, frantically reading first time parent to be advice, online shopping for all the things you still need to buy and getting lost in the overwhelm.

Use this time to disconnect from the outside world and instead to connect within, to the things that bring your soul joy and peace.

This could be reading a chapter of a book, writing in your journal to release all your thoughts onto paper or to write a letter to your baby, a colouring book etc.

Allow yourself some time to get creative or to simply just be without any distractions.

Mary Oliver Poetry, reading in a park, book in the sunshine
Some down time reading my favourite poet, Mary Oliver

5. Make a Nutritious Smoothie

This made it to the list because this is something that came up for me over the weekend. I completely forgot about the nutri-bullet in the cupboard after not using it for years!

I'm someone who doesn't really enjoy eating fruit as I don't like the texture (apart from watermelon which has definitely been a craving whilst pregnant). However I love a fresh smoothie once it's all blitzed up!

So in the last food shop I made sure I purchased fresh fruit and I've been loving making myself some nutritious smoothies!

If smoothies aren't your thing this can apply to anything - try a new recipe you've been meaning to try - Enjoy this extra time you have to yourself.

I'll share below the smoothie recipe that's been a firm favourite of mine:

Green smoothie recipe, quick and easy smoothie recipes
Green Smoothie Recipe

So there's some inspiration on how to enjoy slow living mornings whilst on Maternity Leave before your little love arrives.

Remember slow living doesn't mean to do nothing - It's about self connection and being intentional towards the things you do. Connecting with your senses and feeling the emotions that follow.

Take care momma to be & speak soon,

Shelley xx

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