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Cosy Slow Living Activities In Autumn

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

22nd October 2023

By Shelley | The Serene Soul Society

orange autumn leaves

"Sometimes we must take a leaf out of Autumn's book and let things go. I think we're so afraid of being completely bare that we forget; If Autumn held onto everything, by the time Spring came around, there would be no room to bloom again" - @srwpoetry


Oh Autumn. Such a beautiful, colourful and magical season that feels so warming and nostalgic. Getting cosy on dark and wet evenings, lighting candles, putting on fluffy socks, hearty comfort food, crisp misty mornings, falling leaves and pumpkin spiced lattes are just some of the little things I really appreciate throughout this time.

It is a truly wonderful season to slow down and open your eyes to the beauty around you before nature lets go and presents us with a starker palette.

So in light of that, here are some slow living activities you can do throughout this season to immerse yourself in all that Autumn has to offer.

Go For A Solo Autumn Walk

Morning walks in my own company is one of my favourite ways to practise mindfulness and is almost my own form of meditation.

You may not be used to going for walks in your own company but without any distractions you can be so much more present.

Instead of using this time worrying about the everyday stresses of life, use this time to get grounded. Get lost in your senses, the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind, the smell of dewy grass, the sensation of cold crisp air brushing your cheeks.

Get wrapped up cosy and let the beauty nature has to offer wrap you in a crimson coloured warm hug.

cosy autumnal park scene

Create an Autumn Playlist

I've listened to my autumn playlist everyday since September. I love having seasonal playlists as every year they bring those warm feelings of nostalgia.

You can romanticise this by lighting candles, make yourself your favourite drink and get cosy whilst you create your autumnal playlist.

If you need some inspiration, here's my Autumn Playlist on Spotify.

Once you've got it sorted you can listen to it anywhere. In your car on the way to work, at home whilst your cooking, in the background whilst you're snuggled up with a book or out on a walk.

The best bit is, each year you'll have this to come back to and be reminded of all the beautiful moments you created the Autumn before.

Cook A New Warming Recipe

At the start of the month I made a mental note to cook my first pie from scratch as we move into cosy season!

It's the perfect time of year for warming and hearty food so this weekend was the time to put my cooking skills to the test.

I opted for chicken, bacon, spinach and mushrooms in a creamy sauce. I made my own shortcrust pastry which I was so nervous about but I'd say it was a pretty successful first run!

I'll leave a link below to a recipe that I loosely followed, except I made my own pastry and had the added extra of Dijon mustard.

It was so lovely to have a Saturday afternoon at home, candles on, my autumn playlist in the background and pottering around the kitchen whilst learning something new.

Have a think about something new you could cook or one of your favourite recipes that you can revisit.

Explore Somewhere New

I love finding new places and exploring what little gems can be found.

Earlier this month I ticked off visiting a café not far from me that has recently opened and I'd been meaning to go for a few weeks.

It ended up being a spontaneous trip on a Friday afternoon. Thankfully, I have flexi time in my day job so I can finish earlier on a Friday which I'm very grateful for!

So one Friday afternoon, I fancied taking myself on a date and it was the perfect opportunity to visit Lizzies Café Barn at Upper Aston Farm.

I sat outside in the surprisingly warm October sun, ordered myself a coffee and a teacake and soaked up the sights in the sweet little courtyard garden.

I then explored the quaint little village of Claverley in Shropshire and enjoyed the delights of cute little cottages, a peaceful churchyard and a charming autumn display outside Irene and Ivy's village team room.

There really is something heart warming about discovering new places,

So try exploring somewhere different this Autumn, whether it's a national trust property, a pumpkin patch, a garden centre or a cosy quaint village you've never been to, make new memories in new places.

Cosy autumnal pumpkin display in Claverley village Shropshire
Irene & Ivy's Team Room - Claverley, Shropshire

Make Your Home A Cosy Haven

Candles, prints, seasonal décor, scented oils, blankets, fairy lights...whatever it is for you personally that brings all the cosy, peaceful and calm vibes to your home, be sure to make time for nights curled up on the sofa with these things in your home environment.

For me, I have loved adding more rust orange hues to the living room and our snug in the form of cushions, candles, blankets. Earthy tones are a firm favourite of mine as I find them so grounding and bring more warmth (and of course they give me all the cosy autumnal vibes!).

I've also loved dotting my own prints around the house as they are a beautiful reminder to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

A slow living inspired wall print featuring a book, coffee and vase of flowers
Slow Moments Wall Print - TheSereneSoulSociety Etsy Shop

slow living inspired autumn wall print
Cosy Boho Autumn Wall Print - TheSereneSoulSociety Etsy Shop

Remember a slower lifestyle isn't solely about the things you do, but about your approach and perspective.

It's about creating your own mindful moments in the simplest of things.

Speak soon & enjoy slowing down this Autumn,

Shelley x

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Amazing tips and another beautiful read xxx

Replying to

Ah I'm glad you enjoyed the read. You are most welcome angel xx


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love this! I love exploring new places and have been doing so much of that and it really does just bring a soul joy! Some amazing tips that i will be implementing! Thanks so much :) x

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You are so welcome! Xx


Oct 25, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

A fabulous read! well done on your first blog post angel.. super excited for what’s to come 🤎 xxxx

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Thanks so much for the love xx

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