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5 Ways To Introduce Slow Living Into Your Life

12th January 2024

By Shelley | The Serene Soul Society

Welcome back to my first blog of 2024!

I have to say, this is the first year that I'm not wishing the month of January away. I normally want it to go as fast as possible, rushing to thoughts of Spring, Summer and lighter days.

But January this year feels different. It feels almost peaceful and grounding to me. I'm finding myself wanting to take this month slow and spend more time at home enjoying the simple pleasures.

I feel like there is a misconception that slow living means to do nothing and that it's an unrealistic lifestyle to have which puts people off learning more about it, or actually implementing it into their lives.

The truth is that no matter who you are or what your lifestyle currently looks like (if you're a parent or have a demanding job etc), you can always find ways to incorporate slow living, but you may be wondering how or where to start with this.

To make this easier and to help ease you into a softer lifestyle, here's 5 ways you can start to introduce a slower approach into your everyday.

1.Get clear on the little things that bring joy to your soul

Getting to know yourself is so powerful. When you are aware of the little things that light you up, you can ensure you make time for these things on a regular basis.

Some of mine are solo walks in nature, reading seasonal books, watching slow living vlogs, meditation & yoga.

If you need to dig a bit deeper into self discovery, grab your journal or pen and paper and use the following journal prompts to help guide you:

  • My life would be incomplete without...

  • My favourite thing to do when I'm feeling low is...

  • 3 things that inspire me are...

  • I prioritize self care by...

  • 3 things that help me feel relaxed are...

2. Review your current lifestyle & free up space

Have a look at where you can make changes right now in order to make space for a slower pace.

Tip: Make a list of things you no longer want to be available for and take the relevant action to start minimising these things from your life.

 Then think about whether you want to keep that space free or if you can replace any of that with things you feel like you never have time for or things you've been wanting to implement.

3. Start eliminating auto pilot & find presence

Choose 1 or 2 things from your daily routine where you can embrace presence instead of it being a mindless task.

Example 1: Your commute to work - instead of having the radio on in the background whilst getting overwhelmed with thoughts about the day ahead, get intentional and play a podcast you've been wanting to listen to that is beneficial to you.

Example 2: Create a phone free hour in the evening for some quality family time so you can really connect with your loved ones.

4.Open yourself up to connection & utilise your senses

For me, slow living is all about the moments of connection, the emotion that connection brings and then the stir of senses that follow.

Tip: Go for a walk in nature on your own. Being in your own company eliminates distractions so you can immerse yourself in those solo moments. When you're out in nature, really allow yourself to see the beauty around you, smell the earth, feel the breeze brushing against your skin.

5. Look at ways to romanticise the everyday mundane things

You may have heard the word 'romanticise’ but feel unsure of how you can actually apply that as part of a slow living approach to the mundane everyday. Here's a few ideas of how you can start shifting your perspective in order to feel more gratitude & enjoyment in the little everyday things.

  • Spruce up your morning coffee at work with a syrup

  • Read a book in your car or get out for a walk on your lunch break instead of sitting at your desk

  • Create seasonal playlists or a calm playlist to listen to whilst working at your desk or when you’re doing the cooking

Remember, a slow living lifestyle isn’t about following instructions like some mindless task.

It's small moments throughout your day that your soul makes acquaintances with.

When you feel it and can learn to harness the connection, it changes your world.

I hope you enjoy implementing these small but powerful changes into your life.

I'd love to hear which ones you'll be trying (if not all) so feel free to leave a comment, it's always lovely to connect!

Speak soon & enjoy your slower and softer approach as you ease into 2024.

Shelley x

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Love this blog, exactly what I was looking for

Replying to

Ah I'm so happy to hear that Aileen, excited for you to start your slow living journey x


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I have discovered the most beautiful and amazing blog journey to follow, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to the world. Yupa xxx

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Thank you so much Yupa, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading xx

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